Share your story

Every story that is shared, helps not only the speaker, but also thousands of viewers to come forward and seek help. If you are one among us with a story to share, here is how you can get in touch with us.

Send us a video – Use your mobile phone or camera and shoot a video of yourself narrating your story. You can upload this video on Youtube and share the link with us by emailing us at If you wish, you can change the video setting to “Unlisted” so that only those you send the link to can view it. Once we approve the video, with your permission, we will upload the video on our channel. If you reside in Bangalore, we will invite you to shoot at our studio.

Write to us – If you prefer to send us your story in writing, you can email us at Once we approve it, with your permission, we will put it up in our blog. If you reside in Bangalore and are willing to let us shoot your story, we will invite you to our studio.

Although we encourage you to send us your story with the real name and without hiding your face, you have the choice of remaining anonymous. If you prefer that your identity is not revealed, do make it a point to mention it to us in your email.


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