The White Lady: Shireen’s story of drug addiction

The White Lady is a one of its kind film and book on WOMEN AND DRUG ADDICTION. It closely follows the life of a girl and her experiences as a drug addict only to realize the shocking truths of women and drug addiction.

The film takes the audience beyond the image of the addicts painted in the collective popular imagination –a disheveled junkie living on the fringes of society. Well, the reality, can and inevitably will, catch us by the collar and shake us out of our notions. It can and should make us shift our focus from the addicts to the addiction and to the factors that are at the root cause of it — family conflicts, individual identity crisis, feelings of alienation and inadequacy, peer pressure, psychological issues etc to name just a few. Through this effort, ‘The White Lady’, merely seeks to throw a message in front of the audience: “Hey, here’s what it is. So, what can we do about it?”


The film is accompanied by a book that forms an extension to the film. The book takes us through the experiences of 4 women addicts and also a peddler. Additionally this book talks extensively about the history, myths and facts of drugs and addiction.


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